I hate my Samsung Blackjack i607

This phone is horrible! Seriously! This thing shouldn’t be called a smartphone it should fall in to the standard old cellphone category. To try and name all the features it lacks would be ridiculous so I think I will just name the ones that drive me up the wall.

Where to begin is a good question. The fact that the phone is running Windows Mobile 5 is the largest downfall in my opinion but, it seems to run a modified version because software developed for WM5 doesn’t work on the i607. I am a UNIX System Administrator so access to shell sessions via SSH is vital for my job. Pocket Putty is the Windows Mobile solution for that and it doesn’t run on the i607. I know people that have other phones running WM5 that use Pocket Putty just fine so it is a Blacjack issue.

Let’s see, what next, how about the lack of ability to easily share a bluetooth connection for internet browsing on my laptop using my phone as a modem. I know people that have figured out hacks to get it to work but I just managed to lock my phone up and had to reinstall the OS when I tried it.

The next thing that pisses me off is that the phone will not play YouTube videos. It will load the media player and then error out. This is attributed to some authorization flag that AT&T has embedded in the video player. Videos, of the same format, that you stream from AT&T mobile video have an “authorized” flag set in the file. Again, I have seen hacks, tried them, and had to reinstall my OS.

I use Mac’s at work and at home so the fact that I had to pay money for a piece of active sync software to be able to sync my phone and computer kind of ticked me off.

The phone does not have an accessable GPS which I can live with because of Google’s new “My Location” triangulation software for Google Maps but guess what, “My Location” doesn’t work. This is due the lack of Cell ID data in the system registry. Apparently, AT&T decided to leave the ID tags out of the registry for WM5 so “My Location” can’t keep track of the towers that it hears and hence the location is perpetually unavailable.

I could keep going but essentially, it boils down to the fact that the phone is a piece of junk and that is why AT&T payed me $50 to get the phone (free phone with a $50 mail in rebate).

Bottom line, don’t get the hunk of junk and get yourself something more useful like an iPhone, Blackberry, or Treo because the Blackjack is bust.

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  • Will says:

    I have a blackjack and I absolutly HATE IT. It drops calls constantly, switches back to the E network from G network

    Drops my bluetooth connection unless I reboot the stupid phone

  • john F says:

    I soooo agree….What A P.O.S. I mean it, this thing pisses me off constantly.
    The worst reception of any phone I’ve had in the last 4 years. My company gives it to us free, and I hate this damn thing, wish I had my nextel back – simple yet FUNCTIONAL. Tiny, Tiny keys….slooooooooooooww….terrible adress book feature, not intuitive….no tactile feedback when pushing buttons….low volume , and HOW THE HELL DO YOU TURN UP THE RINGER AND THE EAR SPEAKER? i SEEM TO STUMLE ON THIS COMMMAND OCCAISIOALLY BUT WHEN I TRY TO RECREATE IT, THE VOICE RECORDER FEATURE COMES ON….ARRGH EASILY THE MOST USELESS PHONE IVE EVER OWNED

  • Steve says:

    This is the absolute worst phone I have ever owned. If it doesn’t get rebooted every 1.5 days, calls and e-mails don’t come through. On top of all that, it is the absolutely slowest phone I have ever used. This will be the last samsung and the last windows mobile phone I ever use.

  • Pete says:

    Not a bad phone. Nice features with the data plan (MobiTV, XM, etc…). In 3G its fast. QWERTY keyboard is easy to use.

  • kyro says:

    this is most accurate description of this piece of shit i have read so far.

  • Greg says:

    Agreed. This phone is the worst ever. A complete rip-off. I researched the hell out it before I bought it too, but that was over a year ago, and it was still relatively new. What a waste of $200! Never buying a Samsung again and DEFINITELY never anything Window’s Mobile. You really hit the nail on the head it’s far and away the least intuitive platform possible. I wish someone would come out with a hack to install a different platform on this sorry piece of electronic junk… Google Android, where are you???

  • Mongo says:

    My wife washed my pearl so I thought I’d switch it up and get this. Big big mistake. I should have just shelled out the money and gotten a curve or an iphone. This wouldn’t be an issue if at&t insured smartphones and pda’s. Idiots.

  • Troy says:

    Same problem as Will, phone is basically always on E network causing calls to drop out constantly, people can never hear me and I have to stay perectly still to have a somewhat sucsessful conversation. My phone locks up too with a re-boot needed to nurse it back to health. I am over it and am suprised I still put up with it. Reckon a Blackberry Bold is the way to go as have heard bad things on the Iphone but hey, I said the same thing about the blackjack a year ago so what do I know?

  • Logan says:

    i actually like my blackjack a lot and have had none of the problems you guys are talking about.

  • Roman says:

    dude you guys are idiots this phone kicks ass

  • mike says:

    Umm.. This article is about the original blackjack not the new blackjack II! The original blackjack mos def sucked a donkey’s testicle!

  • Kat says:

    I have had horrible problems with the blackjack II. I hate it!!!! Had problems with corrupted software. Had to get a new one. Now I cant get the email feature to work !! It worked for about 2 weeks.

  • mcnautical says:

    oh wow….. its looking like maybe you cannot handle your hardware lol. not too difficult to mod this phone out. the proccessor smokes its competition. i am running windows mobile 6 and the only downfall to the blackjack is the blackjack 2. now thats a piece of shit….. if the upgrade to windows 6 was available before the 2 came out., no one would have had to waste there time and hard earned money on that. as far as all the issues you all were having, they are obsolete with the 6 upgrade. unless you live in the sticks, 3g never has any issues.

  • brooklyn says:

    idk my blackjack is great and its unlocked.. tmobile idk if that makes it better or wat but mines works fine.. sorry u guys have such a hard time with a great fone

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