The DevOps culture is one of late nights and early mornings. Its a culture rooted in the good old days of SysAdmin cowboys and cowgirls. We were the computer hackers and miracle workers. Never content with the tools we had, we built bigger and better tools to facilitate our laziness as programmers. This let us consistently go off and find a sharper and bloodier edge of technology to play with and bend to our will.

This kind of drive is something that happens without regard for time-of-day or day-of-week. The true DevOps engineer is someone that lives and breathes technology and thrives on “winning” the battle with the machines.

The problem with this is that we like to work on our own time and manage our delicate work-life balance by the minute, not by the day or week. This is not to be confused with the “Hero” mentality that results in burn-out or the loner paradigm that results in isolation and vacuum built software. We’re just different. I can assure you that we can successfully collaborate in large teams and if we’re supported in our strange work cycles, we can lead very fulfilling and productive careers that can result in high output and low stress.

We may not be in the office everyday. We may not be answering your email right away. But if you trust us to get the job done and stay out of our hair… we’ll deliver beyond all expectations.

You just need to… Lengthen the Rope.