Getting on HF – Antenna Tuner Design

I recently upgraded my amateur radio license to a General class last month but have yet to get on HF making DX contacts yet. I’m starting from the ground up … Continue Reading →


So its been like 3 years since I’ve written on this blog. Its time for a reboot. I have a bunch of technical personal projects in the queue and I … Continue Reading →

Using $LOAD_PATH for better library loading in ruby

Today I discovered the beauty of $LOAD_PATH in ruby. Here is the problem: I created a couple of libraries for an app I’m working on and put them in a … Continue Reading →

rsync saves me again

Thank you rsync for saving my ass again. I have an Apple Mac G5 that I use for running my DAW’s and music production. About a year ago I reinstalled … Continue Reading →

Write tests and save time

I never could understand why developers didn’t write tests. The concept of a test is simple. You write a little extra code now that tests the outcome you want or … Continue Reading →